Email app for your Apple CarPlay.
Speaking Email Carplay

Wouldn't it be cool if CarPlay could read email? Now it can.

Be productive on the road by having your email read to you, with our CarPlay email app. Buttons enable you to flag, trash, archive/mark-as-read.

Just download our app and sign in to your email. Your emails will be read out loud on your CarPlay!

Direct sign in with Office 365 or Gmail. Or connect to any Exchange or IMAP server (including Yahoo, iCloud, and AOL).

Free features: email reading with smart content detection, play controls for next/previous, CarPlay buttons for done, trash and flag.

Upgrades available: voice commands, sending with dictation, attachment reading, multiple accounts.


Easy listening - your inbox as a playlist

Speaking Email CarPlay reads your latest emails out loud from your inbox, one by one

  • Automatically moves on to the next email
  • CarPlay next/back to jump emails
  • Designed for driving

Designed for safety

Smart content detection - for smooth and speedy reading

Email reading involves separating out content from signatures, disclaimers and thread headers.

  • Reads content without the clutter
  • Reply chains are intelligently skipped

Designed for safety

Action your email - get simple things done

CarPlay buttons provide the most common email actions:

  • Done (Archive/Mark as read)
  • Flag
  • Trash

Designed for safety


Lots of options - customize to your needs

We keep it simple but give you the options you need.
Choose your 'done' action (archive or mark-as-read)
Customise email filtering and reading order
Select voices and speech speed

Secure mail connectivity

Direct sign in with Office 365,
Direct sign in with Gmail
Connect to Microsoft Intune, Exchange ActiveSync
Connect to Yahoo, iCloud, and AOL (using an "app password" for security)
Connect to any IMAP, POP

Voice commands*

Existing commands: Flag • Done • Trash • Previous • Next • Repeat • Stop • Continue
Extra commands: Unread • Read • Archive • Move • Ignore • Block • Important • Skip • Rewind • Help • Slower • Faster • Voice • Quit • Unsubscribe • Folder
With "Sending" extra: Reply • Forward • Compose
With "Multi Account" extra: Account

Reply, forward, compose by dictation*

Searches phone contacts by voice
Reads back before sending
Simple editing is possible using voice commands such as "replace", "delete word", "delete sentence" and "redo"

Compose mails to contacts*

Simple, voice controlled experience
Select from phone contacts
Finds contacts even with unusual spellings
Add multiple recipients

Reads attachments too*

Calendar appointments
Audio files

Great value

Speaking Email CarPlay is normally only $9.99, but right now it is FREE (until further notice!)
Optional features available at $5 or $10 per feature pack (voice commands, sending with dictation, attachments, multi accounts)


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