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Q: How much does it cost?

A: Speaking Email CarPlay is US$9.99 to download.

This is incredibly good value considering how much time Speaking Email CarPlay gives you back. How much time do you think you could save a month by using Speaking Email? A couple of hours at least, maybe even an hour a day. How much is your time worth?

Mid 2020 we plan to release an optional add-on Premium Subscription offering voice control and dictation. 

We also have an Enterprise Edition which is ideal if you have a whole team and are innovating around improving productivity.

What is Speaking Email CarPlay?

An app for iPhone and Apple CarPlay that reads your email out loud to you. It intelligently extracts content from emails (minus the signatures, disclaimers and threads). And it lets you action your email - archive, mark-as-read, trash, flag - using the CarPlay interface controls. It works Office 365 and Gmail email accounts.

Who is it for?

People who are busy and run out of time to get through their inbox. People who want to make productive use of time when driving between appointments.

What if I don't have CarPlay?

See our other product Speaking Email for iPhone and Android for anyone who doesn't have CarPlay.

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