Smart reading of conversation threads with text-to-speech

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Q: How do you handle threads being read out?

A: We treat conversation threads a bit differently from what you may be used to in a screen based email program - it's not like Gmail or Office 365 web versions where you can expand and collapse the replies in the thread -because we are preparing the content as speech. 

We automatically scan for your email address and stop reading out the email at the point that we know it already was sent to or from you. This way Speaking Email reads right to the point it needs to. If we simply cut off at the first reply we might miss something - for example imagine getting an email saying "see below email - unbelievable" and not hearing the email trail below. If someone forwards you an email you want to hear the full thing, unless you sent it originally - then you only need to hear up to the point where you sent it. If we combined all replies from a thread together in one screen, we might be reading out old messages that you've seen before.

Speaking Email CarPlay tells you where it skips and why, for example "skipping reply thread because you were CCed on this email already". It then pauses a few seconds, in which you can tap the Play button to read out the full trail. Also, if you tap Previous to go back to it, it will read out the full email.

You can switch smart thread skipping on or off in Preferences.

What is Speaking Email CarPlay?

An app for iPhone and Apple CarPlay that reads your email out loud to you. It intelligently extracts content from emails (minus the signatures, disclaimers and threads). And it lets you action your email - archive, mark-as-read, trash, flag - using the CarPlay interface controls. It works Office 365 and Gmail email accounts, as well as most other providers including any standard IMAP server.

Who is it for?

People who are busy and run out of time to get through their inbox. People who want to make productive use of time when driving between appointments.

What if I don't have CarPlay?

See our other product Speaking Email for iPhone and Android for anyone who doesn't have CarPlay.

Is is free?

Yes it is free to download and you can do a lot with the free version. Free features: 

  • Email text-to-speech (TTS) with smart content detection (this is awesome, you will be blown away!)
  • CarPlay buttons next/prev, archive, flag, delete

Do I have to upgrade?

Nope, but you can upgrade for: 

  • Multiple accounts
  • Attachment reading
  • Voice commands (you will love this!)
  • Dictation - reply/forward/compose (you will love this even more!)

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