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2 Aug 2022

We just released a new version of Speaking Email CP on the App Store. 

6 Dec 2020

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least! We are keeping Speaking Email CarPlay core features free until the end of the year. We will introduce fees for the core features in 2021.

10 Aug 2020

Voice Commands and Sending extra feature packs are now released. There's a slight gotcha with Apple CarPlay and voice recognition: you have to have the phone active in the foreground to activate the system voice recognition. This is not too much of a problem if you know about it, and we have included prompting to let you know if the phone is in the background. 

18 Apr 2020

In the middle of lockdown here, a great opportunity to get work done. We've got new optional extra paid features available now including Multiple Accounts and Attachments. We are testing Voice Commands and Sending. 

14 Jan 2020

Speaking Email CarPlay first update

We are not findable on Google yet so we are still pretty much incognito. Now supports Gmail, Office 365 online (work/school and personal accounts), Exchange ActiveSync on premise, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (aka Intune), Outlook.com/Hotmail (via Office 365 personal accounts).

12 Dec 2019

Speaking Email CarPlay goes live on the App Store

Apple has given us the green light to build Speaking Email for their CarPlay platform. Today, we released it on the down low for free.

Speaking Email news

This news is from our original product, Speaking Email, which did not have CarPlay support but formed the foundation for development of Speaking Email CarPlay. 


Speaking Email "highly recommended" by Marc Saltzman in USA TODAY

USA's largest newspaper USA TODAY publishes a tech column by Marc Saltzman. Read his review of how to hear messages hands-free in the car. 

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Finalist in NZ Hi-Tech Awards

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TV3: Beweb email-reading app trumps 'pretty crap' apps

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